About Us

F.IMM Srl was established in 1984 with the aim to develop new technologies to operate in the field of applied informatics toward customers, gas, water and electrical power distribution management with particular attention for consume invoices, contemporary to the reading.

F.IMM was born almost by chance from the idea of the founder of the group to whom F.IMM belongs, who used to have problems in consume reading, invoicing bills to customers and organizing the informative system of his own gas distribution company. It seemed easy but it was not, due to the fact that it was impossible to buy any solutions already present on the market, but everything had to be done from scratch; the hardware, the software, the organizational models.

This is how F.IMM was born, from the minds of the same distribution managers of gas and water who, in order to solve their problems, had to find solutions which other competitors, lacking specialization, had never thought of.

F.imm membership group is Dondi Construction Membership, leader in Italy in the construction and management of hydraulic networks and gas distribution.

distribuzione gas.