Our experience

F.IMM: at the service of Public Utilities for 30 years.

F.IMM is developing new technologies and competences to operate in the informatics field applied to the management of utilities such as electricity, water and gas. We specialize in informatics activity and
the outsourcing of service for public and private firms that run water, gas and electric power.

The experience gathered during these decades allows F.IMM to offer his own and foreign clients,
efficient and customized solutions.

  F.IMM manufactures:

  • Administrative software for Public Utilities, capable of automat zing every operative process, finalized to the acquisition and invoicing of meter reading
  • Mobile applications of acquisition data on smartphone and tablet (meter reading, geo-referentiation, measurers substitution, etc)

F.IMM offers the following services:

  • Photo-reading, traditional reading and geo-referentiation meters
  • Measurer replacement
  • Invoices for amounts consumed
  • Printing, delivering and monthly statements of bills