Easy4 The simple management for water, electricity and gas that will make you feel at ease


 Easy4 is our managing software for the information of Integrated Hydro Service and Energy Services, gas and electric energy.

Our firm has distinguished itself for years, both nationally and internationally, for its ability in proposing innovative solutions to marketing requests in the Utilities field, with a constant commitment in improving the technologic content and the efficiency of its products.
Among these, Easy4 distinguishes itself; an efficient tool for the management of the complete life cycle of utilities, entirely developed by F.IMM.

It is composed of a Front office, capable of facing the final client’s demands through a commercial window and the Portal, on line, and a Back office, which organizes the reading route, invoices, the printing and delivery of bills, credit collections and policy communication.

Easy4 is always updated in applicable solutions in the observance of the law in force. It acknowledges any resolutions issued by the authorities of the business sector interfacing at its best Distributors and Sellers of electric and gas service, and supporting the management of the Integrated Cycle of Water Supply. It also efficiently supports the management of commercial Quality, the informative cycle of the settlement, the National Standard of Communication, Default, the periodical data Collection.

Easy4 works as multi corporate as well as multi service: in case of multi service, it permits to share schedule boards and registry data, develop paper work, customers and multi service invoices, carry out cross-inspections among different service data.

Easy4 pursues the operative quality target through simplicity, clearness, safety and function completeness.

The procedures are easy to apprehend: from data entry, to research, from mass elaborations to printing. All the procedures are available and usable at unvarying condition, with consequent reduction of training time. The operator is guided into data introduction and the effectiveness in general does not require any knowledge in base informatics. Research transactions are easy, fast and flexible. The interface is laid out so to offer the maxim simplicity of use to both one-man and multi service business.

Technology is our strength: Internet, a standard universally acknowledged, constitutes the basic infrastructure of our applicative solutions. Thanks to modern technologies, we have focused on the aim to create solutions capable of exploiting in full all the potential of the web: interactivity, dynamism, simplicity, maximum usability and availability. For this very reason, our solution developed via WEB-based technology on a platform totally integrated among various applying modules.

Easy4: Disposes of functionalities that facilitate the comparison e/o the integration with other applicative software; it is particularly open toward the informatics world integrating with the main office tools, allowing import and export of data in the most spread formats (xls, xlsx, csv, xml,…);

Includes the most efficient instruments of Business Intelligence, comprising the export of technical data, contractual data, consumes and invoices toward the office environment, for the management’s sake; it allows the use of modern technologies for data collection (letters, photos, GPS localizations, bar code, RFID,…) particularly with the use of palmar and smartphone devices; it permits an easy and fast personalization of software, being a great deal of the functions presented in a parametrical way by interface.

Why choose Easy4:

– Quick to start
– Immediate to apprehend
– Easy, simple, clear and swift to use
– Efficient and complete in functionality
– Always updated
– Safe (secure) to manage
– Interactive
– Dynamic

Thanks to its own technical staff experience, F.IMM can guarantee:

The rapid set up of its own solutions, with the use of any type and size of Utility: the client will be able to be operative and self-sufficient in a short period of time;

The updating of the software to the specific needs of the Client; thanks to the easy personalization of both procedure and model, together with an immediate parametric configuration, the software itself will be able to adjust to the client, to his organization and his informative needs, not vice versa.

The complete formation of the client’s personnel, through a cycle of training, carried out with the help of an operative environment exactly like the one of production;

The continuous updating of the software to the rules and regulations, policies, and its constant corrective and evolving maintenance.

The willingness to listen to the client’s demands during the entire cycle of the use of software , with the aim to sustain every new informative need in a short period of time.