the delivery service to secure the date and time 

The address service with delivery at an exact date and hour, established on a basis of observance of the law in force.

The Posta OK service is composed of an organized flux in 5 main steps:


Phase in which the buyer entrusts the service Manager, the postal shipping lot to be delivered, by electronic format (file.)
The buyer will be able to always verify the exact correspondence between the amount of mail
delivered (file) and the amount of posting that will be part of the following phase of acceptance, as well as to know the exact moment, starting from which, every single envelope will have to be delivered in accordance of the levels of service agreed upon (KPI).


Asfor Acceptance, we refer to the exact moment of physical acquisition of correspondence (e.g. gas, electricity, water bills,) by the administrator.

As for Sorting, we refer to the organization and consignment to each mail man of the respective correspondence load to be delivered in the area.

As for the sorting, each envelope is dealt according to an automat zed procedure which permits to:

  • – read the univocal bar code printed on the envelope
  • – count the envelopes
  • – register the date and hour of bar code reading
  • – subdivide the envelopes per mail man
  • – prearrange the trust document of the postman’s load
  • – produce a file containing the grounds (bar code, date and hour) of all the accepted and sorted envelopes


As for Exact date and hour delivery, we refer to the phase of delivering of each type of correspondence assigned to the postmen at the receiver’s address shown on the envelope.
Each postman will have to deliver the correspondence at an exact date and hour through the use of a GPS optic reader with a software on board that allows to:

  • – read the bar code printed on every single envelope
  • – establish the date, hour and minute of delivery
  • – survey the latitude and longitude coordinates (GPS coordinates) of the exact time of delivery
  • – survey the possible reasons of missed delivery (e.g. unknown receiver, wrong address, receiver moved etc)
  • – transmit all collected data in real time


As Tracking, we refer to the phase of making a statement of the activity regarding each single Processed envelope.
During delivery and directly on site, the information is automatically transmitted on OK Mail servers
to the operator through a transparent procedure: this permits the immediate consultation of the state of each single lot from the F.IMM back-office personnel and buyer.

For both F.IMM and the buyer, are in fact available global and detailed updated information.
Both levels will make it possible to verify whether the Activity was carried out in the observance
of the service levels predetermined in relation to the volumes issued and accepted, and the delivery
time promptness, with particular consideration for each delivery, to the date and hour of consignment.


All information surveyed on site by F.IMM is made available to the buyer in an exclusive way through the use of univocal access codes, reserved to him only.

Data consultation also brought a future from each single receiver of correspondence, prior previous request to the service Buyer.

Access to delivery data takes place via web, prior authentication and login by password.

Advantages for the buyer:

  • – Certainty in the delivery of correspondence (exact date and hour)
  • – Transparent delivery times agreed upon previous contract
  • – Inspection of service levels in a constant, simple and immediate way, via web.
  • – Immediate traceability of data relevant with the advancing state of each phase of the delivery process.
  • – Consultation of data with the delivery for at least six months following the consignment.
  • – The opportunity to offer its clients the traceability service of their correspondence.
  • – The opportunity of saving on delivery costs.
  • – Certainty in the relation between the Firm and the Buyer, being them agreed upon clear and defined ex ante contractual agreements.