Attachment: GETWebMobile: Acquisition, Photo-reading on Smartphone and Tablet

GETWebMobile:  Acquisition, Photo-reading on Smartphone and Tablet

The App GETWebMobile is the new updated system for smartphone and tablet for the management of photo-reading services, utilities census and substitution of meter reading, Photo-reading, census and replacement of gauges.

The high speed Internet mobile connectivity, the high resolution integrated photo-cameras, the GPS receivers, the vocal control functionality and the evolved graphic interfacing that smartphone have, permit to reach, at a low cost, the objective of performance required by every meter reading, photo-reading, census and meters substitution services.

You no longer need expensive terminals for meter reading, a smartphone or tablet will do the job!


GETWebMobile works on mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) with an Apple iOS (phone and iPad) or Android. To guarantee a higher grade of protection efficient to the smartphone or tablet, F.IMM can suggest the rugged casing most suitable to your needs.

GETWebMobile also works without cellular net coverage.


The operators enter the system by digiting their access credentials and, automatically they receive the list of utilities to visit, subdivided in service typology.

Integrated statistic functionalities, allow the operators to know at any time, the advancing activity taking place in that particular moment.

To reduce working time, it is possible to share the same utility load to be visited among more operators at the same time.

Any type of utilities to be visited, are visualized in a list in which, the various typologies of visits carried out by the operator (meter reading, missed reading, written notice, etc) are highlighted in different colors.

For each utility, both address and name of town are visualized, as well as the social reason of the contract bearer.

The visualization order of the utilities is left to the operator’s decision, who is also entitled to do an extended research by using the powerful internal research motor and apply filters on data visualization, such as the erasing of previously visited utilities. Data on utilities still to be visited are visualized on more than one screen, giving priority to those immediately needed before concluding the round. Any other detail, included the ones collected by previous reading campaigns, will be transmitted jointly to utilities to be visited, so to facilitate the operator’s task as much as possible.

To individualize the utility to be visited, the operator is equipped of a GSP satellite navigator integrated in the application, capable of geo-codify in real time the address of the location of the meter to be read, in case of no geographical relative coordinates available.

For each visit carried out, the operator will automatically receive all the geographical coordinates of the address and location of utilities.

The integrated GPS, combined with the automatic services of synchronization of date and hour, permits to always have the moment and the exact position of every operation carried out by the operator. A high resolution photo camera permits to obtain good results for both meter photos, and “environment photos,” needed to certify eventual faulty operations, missed meter reading or absent clients.

All photos and data collected on site can be transmitted immediately to the GETWeb management system or by operator request, improving working time.


  • – Reduction of compilation and digitation errors through the use of convenient consistency and coherency of data control
  • – Automatic Geo-reference
  • – Simplicity of use
  • – Reading date available in real time
  • – Integrated navigator
  • – Extensive operative autonomy
  • – Full functioning without any cellular net connectivity
  • – Automatic updating without the help of access to AppStore or PlayStore